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Mike Asfour

I'm a father and husband, tattooing in Palm Beach County since 2002. I was trained in a formal tattoo apprenticeship at the age of 18, having a strong desire to learn the craft of tattooing throughout my high school years. I'm a motivated team player and people person, very easy to get along with. I believe heavily in customer service and constantly strive to create a comfortable, friendly and welcoming tattooing experience for all of my clients. Having begun my career with a fascination of doing tattoos of dark and macabre themes, I now tend to specialize in decorative ornamental designs consisting of elaborate and detailed linework. I am heavily influenced by the cultural imagery of the Middle East and India. While I tend to tattoo most of my designs using all black ink, I do also enjoy the use of vibrant saturated colors when desired by my clients.

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Michael Asfour
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