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Tattoo Consent for Minors

Yes, minors aged 16 or 17 accompanied by their parent or legal guardian can be tattooed in Florida with proof of identification. Minor and parent/guardian must present a valid (not expired) approved form of government-issued photo ID (see list below). All forms of ID must be the original, physical document. Photocopies or a photo of an ID on a mobile device will not be accepted.

We will not tattoo a minor without proper documentation. Digital images, copies, or photographs of IDs will not be accepted. 

A notarized consent form must be completed on the same day of the minor's appointment or walk-in tattoo. Notary services are available through your bank free of charge, but can also be found locally at various check cashing locals and mail-carrier businesses for approx $10 (usually in cash). The Florida Minor Notary Form can be printed from here or you may visit the shop to pick up a printed form. We do not have a notary on site. 

The notary and the tattoo shop will require physical proof of the following: 

  • Parent or Guardian's government-issued photo ID

  • Minor's government-issued photo ID

  • The notary may require additional documentation (i.e birth certificate or court documentation) to show guardianship if minor's address and name differ from the parent or guardian.

Approved Forms of Government-Issued Photo ID:

  • Driver's License

  • Non-Driver Photo ID 

  • U.S. Passport or Passport Card

  • Foreign Passport

  • Military ID Card or Military Dependent's ID Card

  • Tribal Card

  • Medical Marijuana Registry Card

  • Concealed Weapons Permit

College or K-12 School ID is not an acceptable form of identification. To obtain a Florida ID card, please visit the Florida Highway Safety Motor Vehicles directory to book an appointment in your county. 

We will not tattoo a minor without proper documentation.

Digital images, copies, or photographs of IDs will not be accepted. 

The above documentation is required by law.

We will not make any exceptions.

 Do you tattoo minors? What Documentation is required?

 How do I book an appointment?

 If you know which artist you'd like to work with, reach out to them directly through their preferred method of contact; check their profile for booking information. Please make sure to inform them of your age.

If you do not have a specific artist, we can match you with one. Appointments can be made in person, via Instagram @tbatattoos, or through email to

Please include:

  • reference picture(s)

  • location on your body it will be placed

  • approximate size - numerical measurement or object comparison (ex. size of baseball card, lighter, dollar bill, etc)

  • days/times you have available for an appt

 What should I bring to my appt? How do I prepare for my tattoo?

Your government ID and a notarized consent form is required for every tattoo session if ou are 16-17 years old.

Get a good night's rest. Hydrate. Eat before your appointment, and don't drink excessive caffeine. Snacks and beverages are permitted in the shop so please bring what you need. Our plaza also has several food options, and there are a variety of grocery stores and restaurants nearby. 

Shower, but do not shave. We cannot tattoo over broken skin so please allow our artists to prep your skin to ensure a smooth working area. If you have dense or long hair in the area to be tattooed, please only trim down the hair to about a quarter inch using clippers or carefully with scissors.

Wear comfortable or loose clothing - we suggest dark colors due to the potential for pigment stains. Your clothes should not obstruct the area or be easy to pull away/remove from the portion to be tattooed.

The studio is cold. A jacket, scarf, blanket, or socks are suggested depending on your temperature sensitivity.

Tattoo pigment is permanent on clothes; please only wear items you are comfortable potentially getting stained.

How do I take care of my new tattoo?

Aftercare information can be found here.       
If you have additional questions please contact the shop for assistance or reach out to your artist. Artist schedules vary and do work with their hands so your patience with their reply is appreciated. For timely troubleshooting issues with the healing process, please contact the shop directly. 

Do not use your friend's recommendations for healing your tattoo; our cover-up specialists have seen the results of the well-meaning friend's advice. Our instructions are tried & true; if alternative methods are used you risk damaging your tattoo, or causing an infection. If you have a personal healing regimen that differs from the instructions above which has worked for you in the past, please discuss it with your artist. 

We guarantee our work and provide a free touch-up within one year of the original tattoo assuming the tattoo was cared for properly. Certain exceptions apply to touch-ups, which include but not are limited to: palms, hands, fingers, feet, white tattoos, etc. 

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